Ufuoma McDermott


Ufuoma McDermott is one of the leading actresses in Nigeria, with over 30 movies to her credit. She is well recognised within the Nollywood movie industry. In the bid to foster brand growth, sustain and increase marketability, there was need to create more awareness and visibility for her brand to further establish her relevance as a talented individual and a key player within the Nigerian movie industry.

Ufuoma McDermott


Perception and Talent Management


  • To develop an on-going PR Amplification plan to further consolidate on visibility and awareness for the Ufuoma McDermott brand
  • Create opportunities for increased media visibility and corporate brand engagement


  • Without A Box developed and managed all brand content and media interactions
  • Managed all relevant media coverage and engagements- TV, Radio, Print and Digital
  • Created opportunities for corporate brand engagement/partnerships


  • Media awareness and visibility increased by 45%
  • Fan base and social media followership increased by over 400%
  • Increased corporate engagements
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