Chemistry Challenge


The PZ Chemistry Challenge Competition (PCCC) is one of the initiatives of the PZ Cussons Foundation. The three-stage competition for chemistry students in senior secondary school is designed to stimulate and promote the learning of Chemistry amongst Nigerian senior secondary school students



Chemistry Challenge



  • Generate awareness, talkability and elicit interest and stakeholder buy in for PZCCC and its objectives.
  • Promote TOMA for PZ Cussons as corporately responsible by showcasing achievements of the competition
  • Showcase PZCCC and celebrate its achievements with inciting and engaging communications and activities that appeals to the TA


  • Without a Box leveraged relevant influencers to drive advocacy and showcase the importance of the learning of Chemistry, across relevant media platforms
  • Created engaging and exciting content to elicit the interest of the target audience as well as drive participation
  • Responsible for media coverage and amplification of all aspects of the competitions- Pre – During – Post.


  • The competition gained increased awareness and participation
  • Increased media coverage and visibility for competition outcome- post finale
  • Recognition and increased visibility for PZ Foundation activities
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