Morning Fresh is a premium dishwashing liquid that has been in existence since the early 1990s, in a bid to refresh the brand and to further emphasize its uniqueness and discernibility in the market, Morning Fresh re-launched in October 2018.
The relaunch brought about a complete change of packaging and labeling- a new sleek transparent bottle, with a double-faced one sided label. The brand also introduced three exciting variants – Original, Zesty Lemon, and Antibacterial.

Morning Fresh




Brand Relaunch


  • Develop an exciting and engaging full PR strategy and exploitation plan that appeals to both primary and secondary TA and cuts across and beyond Lagos.
  • Inform target audience and showcase the new repackaged brand features and attributes
  • Ultimately increase TOMA and brand consideration while establishing Morning Fresh as the No. 1 choice in the dishwashing liquid category, with superior grease cutting power, that gives value for money


  • Without A Box sphere headed an online tease campaign to drive curiosity and anticipation towards the brand relaunch
  • Without a Box recruited notable celebrity influencers for campaign/brand promotions as well relaunch event attendance.
  • Without a box organized a press conference to intimate the media on relaunch plans and other brand activities.
  • Without a Box managed the media coverage and amplification pre, during and post re-launch campaign – Digital and Traditional


  • Campaign was effectively executed across all media channels, with huge social media participation, leading to increased consideration and trial
  • Brand enjoyed associative benefits with celebrity influencers- subtle endorsement
  • Campaign recorded over 50% earned media mention especial across social media platforms
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