Cussons Baby Moments Season 6


Following a year’s break after its fifth anniversary edition, Cussons Baby held the 6th edition of its trademark competition, Cussons Baby Moments (CBM). The brand sought to breathe a new life into the competition, which focused on portraying the competition as improved, diverse and fair.



Cussons Baby Moments Season 6



  • Develop a communications plan that will sell the value proposition of CBM6 and get stakeholder buy in
  • Recruit relevant and credible personalities to act as Judges for CBM6
  • Educate public on the new competition mechanics and drive increased participation
  • Design a crisis management plan for the campaign


  • Without A Box recruited relevant influencers to amplify campaign with creative content to drive target audience participation.
  • Recruited family oriented celebrities to act as competition judges, while leveraging their involvement and the influence to further promote the credibility of the competition
  • Provided adequate media coverage for all aspects of the campaign
  • Leveraged the use of mum-centric media platforms and Influencers to drive sustained positive conversations around the brand and the competition with exciting and engaging brand content


  • The competition was successfully concluded with all activities implemented and amplified effectively.
  • The campaign achieved a record number of entrants – 150% increase
  • Large number of user generated content, increasing earned media mentions by over 60% from previous season
  • The campaign created massive awareness and hence increased participation
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